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Magnesium Healthcare is not here to cure COVID-19. We understand that COVID-19 is not going away and instead are here to help the world manage and mitigate the effects of the pandemic and assist people in their daily lives.

Magnesium Healthcare was formed with an understanding of the worldwide need for sensible, cutting-edge, ground-breaking technology. We have searched the globe and have located the best products that match the massive demand to manage the current situation.

15-minute Antigen Testing Kits

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Impact of Coronavirus on the economy

Though the health of the population took the hardest hit from COVID-19, the economy was also massively injured by the pandemic. The coronavirus outbreak has impacted the economy in many…

Science of testing

The Vaccine. Last week the company Pfizer yielded early results of their vaccine trials which indicated that the vaccine they had been working on with their vaccine partner BioNTech was…